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With only two weeks, I think probably Kyiv and Lviv is the best choice. However, Ukraine is generally is not a very connected place. You can buy bus tickets from the same third party site that you can buy train tickets from.

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How can I get a SIM Card in Ukraine? In the city centers, the rates are typically pretty fair. On a global scale, sometimes etiquette rules bend.

1. I reversed it and found that Kiev-Odessa-Lviv gave us a much better timetable.

2. We are leaning toward Kiev and Lviv but do you think Chernivtsi is worth the visit instead of one of the previous mentioned places?

Отзывы о Пчелином яде Лечение пчелиным ядом широко используется при различных заболеваниях опорно-двигательного аппарата. Some modern apartments have water filters, but I would recommend keeping a bottle of water with you at all times. How can I get a SIM card in Ukraine?

There’s a very popular strudel chain here that cuts the savory pastries with one knife and the sweet ones with another. Информация о лекарствах на сайте является справочно-обобщающей, собранной из общедоступных источников и не может служить основанием для принятия решения об использовании медикаментов в курсе лечения. I probably wouldn’t do this by myself. Having problems finding convenient train or bus times to complete your Ukraine itinerary?

In the city center and along main roads there are many underground passages, so that does help with crossing the street. Can’t wait to see your photos from Georgia. The biggest benefit of having a bottom berth is that there is a compartment under your seat where you can securely store your luggage.

Basically every time I’ve taken the bus in Ukraine I’ve had a different experience.

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Canadian citizens: no visa required for tourists, 90 days in a 180 day period. Dear vegans visiting Ukraine, prepare yourself for a monotonous menu. However, I have flown Lviv-Kyiv on Motorsich, which cost just about 30 USD and took an hour and a half.

But Christmas is a festive time in Ukraine, and the snow adds a certain amount of charm. And often, overnight trains are the only option. People tend to like Chernivtsi a lot too.

Or a bottle of Ukrainian craft beer.

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Exchange counters advertise accepting most major currencies, including US and Canadian dollars, Euros, Russian rubles, and Polish zloty. These trains typically have a dining car and food carts that go through the wagons. There are school holidays in early May, so there will be lots of competition for train tickets and hotels then. First of all, the bus itself was basically a glorified marshrutka.

The problem comes when you want to exchange hryvnia back. Nice to hear people are considering Ukraine for remote work! Go there, and you’ll be putting yourself and others at risk.

Without getting into the politics of Russia and Ukraine, we can still clearly talk about the visiting the areas under dispute. When it comes to traditional Ukrainian food, it might be tricky to eat vegetarian. Drivers drive kinda aggressively, but I’ve found that if I’m looking confidently at oncoming traffic and step off the curb, cars would stop for me — even if they were already in the intersection.

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